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All energy can be clean renewable energy

For the eyes of those seeking a different and out of the box method to complete the Solar Power Puzzle.


 Problem   Solving   Method

100% Solar has devised a method of solving the most significant problem in Solar Power Conversion.
This is a patent pending multistage method of directing each entire reflection back upon a conversion medium.
Applicable to both active and passive conversion methods simultaneously and/or sequentially. 
A concentrating (CSP) method which can be deployed within a wide range of concentrations.
This may be a giant leap towards the key that unlocks our primary energy source.

This problem is overcome by creating the effect of a True Light Trap
Losses Due to Reflectivity!

A fundamentally different approach to the problem of losses due to reflectivity.

Most every innovation over the last 30 years had been aimed at reducing reflectivity to increase efficiency.

Few improvements yielded significant results while the additional expense made none of them practical.